Sometimes, I want to scream!!!! WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? HOW MUCH HARDER DO I HAVE TO WORK??? 

It just sucks when you feel the pressure of hard work on your mind and body and then you look around and see that you’ve only gone a few steps forward.

Siigghhhh, I know I have to work harrrdddd -____-

* continues to keep pushin’*

Who doesn’t get emotional about A Tribe Called Quest’s musical career? The had chemistry, conscious production, and conscious lyrics. Their truth and realness gave birth to artists like Pharrell and J Dilla. A Tribe Called Quest’s legacy was mind blowing and it changed rap and hip hop forever.

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Aww, she’s adorable as hell.

Also, I’m just so happy for the queer black actress visibility.

Shes so cute!!

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Freestyle In The Park: Chicago’s New Class (by RubyHornet)

Really excited about the rappers coming out of Chicago!!!!

Left my wallet in El Segundo…

I was having a convo the other day, and someone said that I hold on to things, and it’s true. 

The things I hold on to are not little things but I think I should let them go, and I would like to sort out my feelings about those things.

I am a firm believer that most of the time, you chose to be happy; you chose if something is going to knock you down or if you’re going to go over it, and I can’t let these things hold me back.

I guess those things won’t chance, and instead of waiting for that, I need to move on and surround myself with positive vibes!

I know that I’m not suppose to take the traditional route to my dreams, and the universe won’t let me go out like that

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The first picture was from this morning and the second one was taken just now! This is so awesome!! :D

I feel like I’m becoming a better sister and daughter. That’s a great feeling!!

Give everything, expect nothing in return.